Welcome to the It Takes a Village Solopreneur Mastermind Winter Session!

We are so excited to kick off the Winter Session with our Orientation night on Monday, Jan. 3rd!

During the next week or so, you will be granted access to the exclusive Trello board we will be using to stay connected with each other between sessions. Please keep an eye out for that!

If you have never used Trello before, it’s fairly simple but don’t worry we will go over the how to’s during orientation!

Clicking the button below will help you make your first payment of $50/mo and will authorize this payment monthly for the duration of the Winter Session (through the end of March!)

**If you are a member of the current Fall Session, make sure to grab the coupon code on the Trello board to receive your locked-in rate**

You also have the opportunity to lock in this ridiculously amazing rate for life!

We’ll talk about that more during Orientation as well!

We cannot wait to watch your businesses flourish!


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