Beyond Business Survival



5 Modules

Duration: 3 Hrs 18 Min

Difficulty: Beginner

The Beyond Business Survival System

A Self-paced course to help you grow your business without missing out on your life.

Your strategy so far in your business has been messy action, “done is better than perfect”, and while I admire and even agree with that to a point, it hasn’t exactly been working for you lately, has it?


That’s because messy action isn’t a strategy, it’s more of a mindset…a way to get out of your head and stop perfectionism from letting you take action.

The problem is, you’ve been “winging it” for so long that you are drowning in your solopreneurship.

It’s time for your business strategy to grow up.

It’s time for a plan.

It’s time to go Beyond Business Survival.

This 3-step system is exactly what you need to take your business to the next level and, finally, start to experience the freedom of working for yourself that has been eluding you so far.

Based on business best practices, the Beyond Business Survival System helps you design a custom business routine that lets you focus on growing your business without missing out on your life.

Before I tell you about the Beyond Business Survival System, let’s talk about who the system is really for…

The Beyond Business Survival System is for business solopreneurs, like you. You are juggling so many different tasks just trying to keep your business afloat that the dream of growth is overwhelming at best.

Whether you’re

  • Constantly working but your business isn’t growing
  • Lacking the energy for the things that really matter
  • Drowning in the day-to-day of your business

You’re in luck!

The Beyond Business Survival System is just what you need to Identify, Simplify, and even Automate your business routine using your own unique strategy!

Trust me, you’ve never seen anything quite like this. (Keep scrolling 🤓)

Introducing the

Beyond Business Survival System

The Beyond Business Survival System Online Course will help you

  • Identify Your Essential Tasks that need to happen regularly for your business to grow
  • Simplify Your Daily Routine to remove unnecessary tasks from your day-to-day
  • Automate Your Workload so that you can make space for the things that really matter to you.

But most importantly,

The Beyond Business Survival System gives you the freedom to manage your business your way so that you can focus your limited time and energy where you choose.

Take a Peak Inside


2 Lessons


A quick word of welcome from yours truly, your instructor for this course.


I’m starting off this course with, what I believe, is the most important lesson you can learn from me – the Let it be Easy mindset

Step One: Identify Your Essential Tasks

4 Lessons


A brief overview of Step One: Identify


The first essential task we are going to talk about is Lead Generation. Consistently bringing new ideal customers into your email list is key to the growth of any business.  During this lesson, I will help you to identify and/or brainstorm an Opt-in to grab the attention and email address of your ideal customer.


The second essential task we are going to talk about is building Know/Like/Trust with your potential customers. We’ve all heard it a million times, that people don’t buy our products as much as they buy into who we are. In this lesson, I will guide you through creating the basics of your Know/Like/Trust strategy for your business. 

 SALES – 1:50 MINS

The final essential task we are going to talk about is Sales. In this lesson, I will outline the 3 steps of a typical customer journey from finding your product, to receiving their purchase confirmation. Looking at your own business, you will Identify your customer’s journey. If you haven’t created one yet, this is the time you will start to gather the necessary components to do so. 

Step Two: Simplify Your Daily Routine

4 Lessons


A brief overview of Step Two: Simplify


Making your new lead’s journey into your business as simple as possible sets that new relationship up for success. During this lesson, I will guide you through making sure your Lead Generation process is as streamlined as it can possibly be. 


Your Know/Like/Trust process is full of tasks that require the bulk of your attention and is the key to making new leads aware that you exist! Our ultimate goal with the System is to automate as much of this process as possible, but that means you need to make it as lean as possible. During this lesson, I will guide you through how to do that!

 SALES – 1:19 MINS

Like Lead Generation, your Sales process can be fully automated. This doesn’t mean you will never be involved with making the sale, but introducing your new leads to the product(s) and service(s) you offer along with guiding them towards how to connect with you for more information, making their purchase, and even gathering customer feedback can all be done without your participation. During this lesson, I’m introducing you to how I have designed my customer’s journey so that you can prepare yours for automation in Step Three! 

Step Three: Automate Your Workload

4 Lessons


A brief overview of Step Three: Automate. This module is the meat and potatoes of the System! Buckle up!


In Step One, we talked about how there are a few different options you have for automating your Lead Generation process that you have now created and simplified. In this lesson, I’m taking you step-by-step through both options so that you can follow along and get yours ready to share!


For Know/Like/Trust, we’ve got a little bit of “choose your own adventure” going on. I’m taking you behind-the-scenes of the Tech-Savvy Academy and showing you exactly how I’ve automated my process. Then, based on the primary platform you chose in Step One, you get to grab the exact Trello board template I started with so that you can make your own!

 SALES – 54:04 MINS

Finally, we’re setting up each aspect of your Sales process, including that optional Customer Feedback process I mentioned in Step One. Make sure you bookmark this one because as you create more and more offerings in your business, you are going to want to keep coming back to these walkthroughs!

You Did It!

2 Lessons

 YOU DID IT! – 0:38 SECS

It’s time to celebrate!

 WHAT NOW? – 2:40 MINS

Now that you’ve graduated, what comes next?

It’s Time

Stop accepting the fact that running a successful business means you have to be working 24/7


There is a better way and the Beyond Business Survival System can get you there!


Take the chance, and know that I am always here to support you!



Kelly's automation processes are brilliant and super easy to follow!

This Beyond Business Survival (BBS) course was amazing! I’ve been in business for some time and have some of the processes already however, the organization and structure in BBS is so helpful and gave me new things to think about. Even for a beginner, super easy to follow. I have renewed excitement to redefine my processes and get more organized using this system. Absolutely love all the tips and tools provided!

Sandy B.

Sandy Bartlett Coaching | Self-Discovery Coach

Before setting up my Facebook Management Trello Board...

…I was using a Google doc to track all of my ideas and I had a highlighter tool for keeping track of what was posted. When I hired someone to help me manage my Facebook group, I realized the Google doc just wasn’t going to cut it and needed something where I could schedule, track, and also monitor progress.

The Facebook Freedom Formula made all of this SO EASY. I can keep track of my ideas, schedule them out, plan ahead, and monitor the performance/progress of my posts. It’s easy to communicate with me fb management helper and nothing gets lost. It really is an incredible tool, way better than my running list of Google doc chaos.

Heather B.

Kelly’s coaching style is so different than any other coach I’ve had

– in the best way. She has a super down-to-earth and personable demeanor and really speaks to us individually as coaches and takes the time to get to know our business so that we can help move the needle forward. Her openness and tech-savvy nature in her coaching sessions are productive and super effective. I highly recommend Kelly if you want to get your tech priorities in order and learn about how to run business in an authentic and more efficient way – without also having to post on social media daily. Kelly will help you learn different angles of ways to promote your business so that you don’t feel like an icky salesperson and instead – a Tech Savvy Entrepreneur!

Erin M.
Goal for your Dreams

Every time I finished a session with Kelly...

I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Knowing that I can automate tasks that used to take me hours to do!

Joelene M.
The Business Suite